The 3 Day Being the Change Challenge

In this online coaching workshop you’ll learn
how your thoughts control your experiences
and how you can reach a state of flow.


I’m Len Wright and I’m what some may call a modern day alchemist…

I’ve studied numerous methodologies with the top trainers & developers of change technologies all over our globe like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering, Hypnosis, Psycho Linguistics, Accelerated Evolution, various kinds of visualization techniques and many more for over 24 years now.

If you’re like me and are passionate about your personal evolution, living life full out, stretching to step into the next highest version of yourself… well then I have something I believe you’ll find very special.

Introducing the FREE 3 day Being the Change Challenge

In the 3 day Being the Change Challenge, you’ll learn:

  • How your thoughts are controlling your next experience and that the flow state is in your reach at all times
  • How to access a deeper way of engaging the world around you & live wide open within states you never thought were possible for you before
  • Reveal & deepen your understanding of how your states have enslaved you, control your actions and actually limit whats possible for you
  • How to set yourself free from those harmful thoughts and states that are sabotaging you, actually limiting your true potential

It’s not about creating the new as much as it is revealing the REAL you deep inside.

What would your life look like having more control over your states of being and actually using your power of choice more fully and in YOUR favor in each moment?

This Course Will Help You Gain Back Control of Your Life

Whether that’s success in Business, Relationships, Finances, Health, Confidence, Self Value, Inner Peace, Happiness… wherever you take YOU.

I feel absolutely amazing after putting Lens teachings to work! Simply smiling at everyone who I made eye contact with created feelings of love an acceptance. This experience has taught me how to be more mindful of others and my surroundings and has helped me understand that I can change the state of how and what I feel at anytime! Thanks Len!

Agnieszka Gorecki

The Being the Change challenge gave me direction to move out of feeling angry and stuck and into feeling accepted and loved. It helped me change my way of thinking and reset my thoughts with me being present and more aware of what my focus and energy are focused on.

Andrea Fraser-Petersen

Having just finished Len Wrights “BEing the Change Challenge”, I have to say that he has nailed it. If you are looking to be a change agent in this world, I highly recommend you take this 3 day challenge and really dig into the process that Len has created. I am fired up about taking this material and applying it to my life on a daily basis. I know that this will change my life.

Troy Van Dyke

I never realized how congested my world was, full of negative thoughts accompanied by a million tasks and responsibilities. It was so congested I lost sight of my path and my own goals and dreams. This program opened my mind and challenged me to be aware of the choices I’m making. It reminded me that I get to decide which way my story plays out, that no one is writing my life but me. It opened my eyes and enlightened my spirit, I intend to continue the growth and the challenges and accept all the awareness that comes my way. For once in my life I love being awake.

Andrea Marier

This is the challenge I had been searching for the last couple of months. I was very hesitant of doing this challenge at first. So I went through the steps that Len had in his videos and Viola.  I made the steps of totally being open to what comes into our life. Len does a great video on being clear and how to be free from your self belief. This was a great way for me to come out of my comfort zone, telling people how great they looked and just talking to strangers. Thank you Len for sharing this 3 day challenge with me! I know that people would totally love what you have to offer in this program! Made really think what I need to be clear of for myself!!

Todd Russenholt

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