“All problems are subjective.
A powerful shift in perception can
change absolutely everything.”

~ Len Wright

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Ty Cohen
Husband, Entrepreneur, Badass

Michael Fleischner
Marketing Expert & SEO Coach

Joseph Ponnou
CEO & Founder
Network Marketing Success Magazine

Len is a great guy who knows exactly how to tap into your mind and teach you how to deal with all the junk that you don’t want to have in there.

If you keep filling up a bucket that’s already full, it doesn’t really do anything, you’re not gaining anything, so it’s important to unload the negative stuff that you don’t need anyway, and once that’s done you can fill it back up with the good stuff that you DO need! Love it and it works! Godspeed!

Bas Rutten

UFC Hall of Fame, Actor & TV Personality

I’ve been coaching professionally since 2005 and have been working with coaches on my own growth and development since the late 90’s.

I recently had my first session with Coach Len and can honestly say that in all of my experience working with coaches, I’ve never seen this much personal growth as a result of working with any one person.

Len took me through an Accelerated Evolution process that has since produced far more results than all of the NLP sessions I’ve done over the years.

Since our first session I’ve been able to take massive action on a book project that I’ve struggled with for several years. I’ve landed my first high profile MMA fighter as a coaching client. And I have also started taking massive action on branding myself as a high level personal development coach independent of the Gurus that I’ve been coaching for over the years.

No more living in obscurity behind the names of people who I used to view as more capable than me. I’m finally stepping out and letting the worlds see who I am and making a name for myself.

Thanks Len for answering the nudge from the Universe to reach out and check on me. Your timing was truly providential and inspired.

Gregory Downey

Author of ‘Attracting Miracles’ and ‘My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach’, Co-Author with Joe Vitale., The GREATitude Coach

Have known Len Wright since 2006 – he is the real-deal when it comes to grounded coaching; helping you go from fears to flow, which invariably means getting past limiting beliefs, negative self-talk; being less committed to your internal BS and more to deeper, self-accountable, honest growth… hire him. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Barry Goss

Co-Founder, LWL Media

Len’s Accelerated Evolution session was amazing.

I’m no stranger to personal development, but this was unlike anything
I’ve experience before.

I felt like we peeled back the layers of an onion to get at my true
essence. Where soul wisdom resides.The truth is a lot of coaches try to
build themselves into the solutions they are selling, to make themselves
the gateway.

Len doesn’t work that way, he takes your hand and leads you to the gate
and shows you how to open it and access it when you need it or want it.
I now progress faster on my path to share my gifts with the world. It’s
amazing how easy it is to be a “Better Human” when we’re shown how to
get out of our own way.

David Rachford

Creator & Host, The Better Human Show

I’ve done a few of ‘self growth’ programs and coaching in the past, and have read quite a few books on the subject, but I can definitely say that this was different than anything I’ve previously experienced. It was an incredibly gentle approach to drawing out what was already inside of me (but that I was too close to and too closed off from seeing) and helped me get out of my own head and way. This approach has begun  to created a subtle, yet powerful change in my thinking and approach to things, and also to my confidence as a whole, that I can see only getting stronger as time goes on.

Matthew Lutz

Creative Director, Philip McKernan Inc.

I had my first session with Len and he really does get to the core of the problem. He helped me a lot on the clearing and I woke up the next morning feeling like a million dollars. Len is a natural!

Shamini Raj

International Day Trader

I went into my sessions with Len not knowing quite what to expect. All I knew is that I had some extra clutter upstairs that I wanted to sort out. After only one session, I was given a fresh perspective on my communication skills that directly equated to less pressure and clearer thought. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate Len’s abilities and demeanor.

Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman

UFC veteran, Author, Motivational Speaker

Deep down, I always felt (and knew) there was something more.

Something deeper. Something that was always just out of my reach… I was right. In my first session with Len, what I personally experienced is unmatchable, indescribable, and ineffable. The applications for this ‘brain technology’ are limitless and will change your life FAST.

Overcome hurdles, blocks, setbacks, take your life/business to the next level, achieve more success, attain ultimate clarity, you name it. It’s like a real-life choose your own adventure.

Ultimately, what Len is doing for others cannot be described; it must be experienced. This is truly the shortest path from A to Zen that exists. I’m 100% confident in that. I want more!

Rob Hawthorne

Marketing Consultant & Internet Entrepreneur

I recently had the awesome opportunity to do a NLP/Hypnotherapy session with Len Wright and wow! I was blown away. He did such an amazing job of helping me break some limiting beliefs, shift my focus, and move forward towards more abundance. In my opinion NLP is one of the most powerful ways to break and shift your beliefs – Len thank you so much for that session!

Luis Congdon

Owner, The Podcaster's Secret Weapon & Master Love Coach at Lasting Love Connection

Accelerated Evolution is the most incredible experience that anyone can ever have.  Literally will transform anyone by digging deep inside them and allowing them to grow from within!  I have been working with Len Wright who has brought his years of experience from so many backgrounds and like a professional master at his craft he has helped me go from points of not understanding to literally internal Zen.  Hence the name Zen Len because he TRULY will help you reach oneness with yourself ON YOUR LEVEL!  With his help I’ve been able to cope better with Anxiety attacks (Which have reduced thanks to his help) as well as being able to push myself to the top of my game!  I can’t even begin to explain how powerful this stuff is, but I can tell you this much, I can’t wait for my next session so that I can grow EVEN MORE!  If you’ve never tried this stuff, you’ll be blown away by how much just a few sessions can shift you to a victory state.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!  Get working with Len today before he gets filled up again because you just can’t find his skills anywhere!  A true gem and highly skilled and professional, Zen Len is your KEY TO SUCCESS!

Abhinav Gupta

CEO & Lead Developer, Game Scorpian Inc.

If you want a breakthrough in any area of your life, you need a coach. If you want a breakthrough in any area of your life and want it fast and permanent, you need Len! Most coaches try to help you figure out the problem and then spend way too much time talking about the problem. Len worked with me to identify the root cause of my problem and then transcend it quickly! Looking back, I wonder what took me so long to get the right support. Thank you, Len! I have not only met my weight goal, but I have never felt healthier and had so much energy!

Cynthia Davis

Owner, Leaders of Distinction

During our session, Len helped me identify the limitations I was setting for myself. Through various exercises, Len, guided me to release these internal blocks that were holding me back in certain areas of my life. After the session, I felt rejuvenated with a greater sense of purpose which has armed me to peacefully attack my projects without stress

Luc Sisombath

Founder & Host, Hustle To Greatness Podcast & Hustle Talk TV

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